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Grooming by Puppy Heaven iconPuppy Heaven now offers its guests, as well as outside clients, a full-service dog grooming & Spa!  Here at Puppy Heaven we believe that dog bathing and grooming are very essential elements to the health and happiness of your dog & puppy.  Regular dog & puppy grooming not only keeps dogs looking sharp and smelling good, but also helps keep them healthier while very often reducing the risk of some diseases.

Our experienced, qualified and caring professional dog grooming staff provides full dog grooming and bathing services such as :

Brushing and Bathing: Your dog will receive a complete brush massage from its nose to its wagging tail followed by a warm bath.

We offer a premier bathing system that thoroughly cleans and soothes your dog’s skin while removing all the dander from the coat.

Our knowledgeable dog groomer will select a premium shampoo and conditioner that they feel your dog will benefit from the most, based on your dog’s coat and/or breed.

If your dog requires special medicated shampoo please feel free to bring it along.  From the tub to the grooming table, your dog will get a brush blow-dry and a much deserved treat. 
After servicing over 1,000 happy customers in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, we are sure you will be extremely happy with our fast dog & grooming service.
Bath-Brush & Grooming

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Prices may vary based on size and hair length of dogs. 
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ADD Daycare to any grooming service +$20


Basic Spa Treatment

Includes: warm bath, massaging brush & ear clean
  •      $25 & up Smal dogs
  •       $35 & up Medium dogs




Complete Spa Treatment

Includes: full groom, warm bath, massaging brush, ear clean & nail trim.
  • $45 & up Small dogs
  • $65 & up Medium dogs




  Single service and add-on’s 

  • Ear cleaning : $5
  • Nail trimming : $15
  • Medicated Shampoo : $5
  • Cologne : $5
  • De-matting : Long hair $20.00 / Medium $10

Self Wash –  $15 to $20 based on size (Sunday Only) 

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Grooming by Puppy Heaven icon
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